Our Services

We Coach Throughout Your Move

  • Consulting on Contract Considerations: 
    Lump Sum vs University Relocation. Human Resources billing vs personal accounts. Temporary housing needs (6 months to 1 year).
  • Family Considerations
  • Education on Moving Company Processes
  • Help navigating the relocation process

We Guide Your Logistics

  • Relocation needs analysis
  • Spouse/Partner/SO needs assessment
  • Liaise with moving company
  • Coordinate move out/in date (on site presence available)
  • Finalize moving vendor
  • Confirm door to door delivery dates

We Manage Your Logistics

  • Auto transport needs
  • Home/apartment checklist
  • Inventory of belongings
  • Pet transport needs
  • Packing arrangements

Relocation Services

Put the ball in our court.

The experts at We Move Coaches, LLC are ready to coach, handle logistics and provide relocation services to see you through your move.